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The beginnings

Established in 1978 as Good News Music Service, a professional supplier to school and church music programs, The Robe Shop was originally a small division focussed on choir robes. As our expertise grew in the robe area, we began to provide all kinds of robes, including clergy, judicial, academic and cap & gown products. With our launch on the web in 1994, we realized that this was a great way to bring together those looking for specialized products and those who specialized in them. The Robe Shop was very well received and finally outgrew its original "parent" and was split off as a separate company, featuring the many products on these pages. Our excellent service, knowledge of the product and many years of business experience proved us to be an excellent source for these American-made professional robes and accessories.


Just passing on some comments we've received here at The Robe Shop and our graduation division, Grad Goods & More. Can we persuade you to choose us for all your robe and graduation needs?? You'll like our products and the way we take care of you.

"I just wanted you to know my doctoral robe arrived, and it's BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much for your help (and patience) in selecting the right combinations of fabrics, colors, cords, etc. You made a stressful process incredibly easy, and I really appreciate your efforts. Thanks again." -MJH

"You guys are so wonderful to work with. I'm telling all of my friends about you. The Robe Shop made everything so easy for me it's been a joy." -TC

"Thank you for the best fitting clerical shirt I have ever had. I should like to order two more ... "-WM

"I worked with Salena. She was terrific. I was in a bind, had one week before the biggest days of the year and didn't know what to do. Then Salena saved the day..... Please keep up the good work"-AG

"Thank you so much. The robe is gorgeous and fits perfectly. You all do elegant, impressive work"-SS

"I just wanted to let you know the Chasuble came on time as promised! Thanks a lot. Fr. will love it. I have your site book marked for any future needs. Your prices are reasonable also."-LB

"My full regalia arrived today (16 days ahead of schedule) and everything is perfect! Thank you for taking the time to be accurate, detail-oriented, and communicative. Your personal touches are what really made this fun "-LW

"We are very pleased with the robe we ordered for our judge. You delivered as promised. "-JS

POLICIES FOR TAILORED GARMENTS (choral, pulpit, judicial, and others)

For policies regarding our souvenir garments, please see
Grad Goods- about us


Most problems with fit occur because the robe recipient did not actually take measurements, which we strongly recommend in all our communication. Measuring techniques and a diagram are presented on Measuring Help page, or for academic regalia orders, our Regalia 101 page. Despite our efforts, we have a lot of difficulty convincing customers to check for accurate measurements, and in these cases it is not surprising that the robes often do not fit correctly. For custom-made garments, the extra costs of alterations then become the customer's responsibility, since the garment was made correctly according to the measurements on the order. On ready-made garments, time and money is lost while trying to find one that fits. To ensure the best chance of receiving a well-fitting garment, please take the time to measure accurately!

Delivery time:

Our delivery time varies by product and season. We try to be very clear about the expected time to fulfill your order, and will inform you immediately if there will be any delay. We are experts at handling rush orders! First tell us your target date. We will aim for this date as the LAST day we can deliver, but often you will receive your order earlier. Typically your order ships directly from our supplier if this will save delivery time. Always we will use the shipping method which will meet your date at the most reasonable cost. Desperate last-minute orders are costly so allow time to get the best price.
Overseas orders: please allow 3 months. We do not guarantee delivery dates to foreign addresses. More detail on our FAQ page.


Any custom academic regalia order placed in Grad Season from March 1-May 31 that is needed within 8 weeks or the rest of the year under 6 weeks is automatically assessed a surcharge of 20% of the order total, $20 minimum on orders less than $100. Shipping charges necessary to fulfill your order on time are NOT included in the surcharge.

Urgent 72 Hour Rush:

We are experts at dealing with emergency needs. If we must drop everything else in order to fulfill your order within a 72 hour period, we reserve the right to add an urgent rush surcharge of 20% of the order total, $20 minimum on orders less than $100. In graduation season where the seasonal surcharge applies, an urgent fee of up to $100 may be applied.

Minimum Order:

If your order is less than $20, your charge is the minimum $20 required for ALL orders + shipping and any applicable tax. Minimum order during Graduation season is $40 + shipping and any applicable tax. Sorry, no exceptions.

Payment Terms:

All orders must be prepaid. The only exception are government and corporate entities that have a strict purchase order system (we must have a copy of the PO and need to speak with the person in charge of payment) and a few dependable repeat customers who have been granted on-account status. A $50 late-payment fee is added to any invoice paid later than 45 days from date of invoice, and every 60 days thereafter until fully paid.
Phone, FAX & email orders must be paid by AMEX/VISA/MASTERCARD (We will need card # and expiration date).
You can also choose to MAIL your order submitted on the appropriate order form, along with your check or money order in U.S. funds only.

A note on your order estimate: Prices occasionally can change without notice, and prepaid shipping charges are always stated as estimates. If you are concerned about pricing, please request information from our Accounting Department, as our Order Department is busy each day meeting customer order deadlines and service requests and cannot provide detailed price quotes. Our accounting staff can provide the most accurate estimate of charges, including any minimum order, rush, setup or seasonal fees, but reserves the right to make adjustments to the customer prepayment total after the order has shipped and actual delivery and other costs are determined. Your final invoice will detail all charges and any discounts or adjustments will be refunded or the difference collected as appropriate at that time.


Your order usually ships directly from our production facilities on the east coast as this will save delivery time. In this case, no invoice will come with your products, only a packing slip. We charge your card for the estimated costs when you order. AFTER we have all the paperwork to document the costs, we create your invoice, accounting for any adjustments to the estimate, and mail your receipt and invoice. You should receive your itemized invoice and receipt within a few weeks of receiving your order.


All billings/payments are in U.S. funds. We cannot accept checks in foreign currency.


We have been in business as a credit card merchant for many years. We handle your critical numbers with care and the integrity of our business stands behind us.


An estimated ship charge is collected when you order. Actual charges can end up being more, especially if rush/air shipping is determined to be necessary. Any overage is reflected in the final invoice, sent after the shipment has been completed. The Robe Shop Worldwide is not responsible for loss or delays by the carrier (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc), or items stolen/missing from your address once delivered. Shipping/handling and rush fees are non-refundable.


To offset our processing costs, the Robe Shop reserves the right to retain a $20 cancel fee on cancelled orders. Once fabric is cut, a custom garment order cannot be cancelled. Cancellation of a NON-CUSTOM order: Let us know immediately if you wish to cancel an order in process. If we are notified too late to prevent shipping your product, the order cannot be cancelled, and shipping charges cannot be refunded. Please refer to the appropriate return policy below.

When your order arrives:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Inspect your package carefully, making sure that your order is correct. If there are any problems or questions, contact us immediately at the Robe Shop, NOT our plant whose name and address may be on the package. We will take care of any discrepancies promptly. DO NOT ALLOW THE PACKAGE(S) TO SIT UNINSPECTED UNTIL YOUR EVENT. On the day before or day of your event, there is virtually nothing we can do to solve problems regarding missing or wrong items!!! Also- garments need to be hung in advance to release wrinkles.


Custom-made items are not returnable, which includes anything made to your measurements in your chosen style and/or fabric. Most choir robes and academic regalia are in the custom category. Remember that we will use standard patterns for your custom garment as close as possible to your measurements, but if you have unique fitting issues our abundant patterns cannot address, alterations of the finished garment are at your own expense. Friar Tuck clergy shirts and accessories, once opened, cannot be returned or exchanged.

For anything in our Qwick-Ship Line, featuring finely tailored ready-made garments our return/exchange policy is as follows:

Souvenir Garments & Accessories- Returns:

Please see our Grad Goods & More information page for policies on souvenir items

Thank you for your interest in The Robe Shop!

RSW/The Robe Shop Worldwide
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Do not ship any package to this address unless specifically directed. Do not return rentals here!

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Business hours are 8-4 Pacific time M-F, but you can leave a voicemail message anytime, we check for urgent messages on the weekends. During busy seasons, our call volume exceeds capacity at times and you may get voicemail, but we are efficiently meeting order deadlines so please leave your message and we will call you back.
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